When Probate Not Necessary in California

When Probate Not Necessary in California

The California probate law provides instances wherein probate of wills becomes dispensable. According to said law, it is not always necessary for the deceased’s properties to pass through the usual probate process. California state laws provide simplified procedures for the transfer of an estate without the need for formal probate in court. If you ever need assistance regarding California probate laws, contact our paralegal services in Upland, California for a more detailed run-through.

Simplified procedures referred to in the preceding paragraph are available depending on the amount of money involved, the nature of the property, and who the claimant of the property is. Estates with a value of $150,000 or less may qualify for a non-formal probate case. Concerning qualified properties, those assets that have named beneficiaries as well as certain government benefits accruing to the deceased may also go through non-formal probate. Finally, the type of ownership is used to determine whether formal probate is needed. Hence, joint tenancies and community property with a corresponding right of survivorship may go through said simplified procedure. Of course, proper documentation in these instances is still required. Thus, it is also important to avail of quality legal document services in California.

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