Things You Need to Know About Legal Separation

Things You Need to Know About Legal Separation

Aside from divorce, one may file for legal separation in court in order to partly sever marital relations. However, legal separation is different from divorce in terms of its nature, requirements, and other legal matters. It has also been observed that there are a lot of separation agreements that serve as the foundation of later divorce agreements between spouses. But what constitutes legal separation in the state of California? What do you need to consider before entering into a legal separation agreement?

Individuals who have not terminated their marriage through a divorce cannot enter into a new marriage. This includes the regime of being legally separated – one is still unable to remarry. But if this does not bother you, then the legal separation would still be a good remedy. In such a process, spouses may also reach a fair agreement regarding their properties. When it comes to common children, child custody and visitation are tackled and made part of the agreement. In a legal separation, the spouses have to be assisted by their counsels in order to reach a fair and amicable arrangement. Of course, document preparation can be handled by our legal document services in California.

In cases where the spouse cannot personally process the required papers for the case, a special power of attorney may be needed. And this can also be handled by our paralegals. Hence, if you ever plan on filing a legal separation case, it is wise to give us a call.

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