Notarial Act for Deeds, Contracts, and Agreements


Acknowledgement in most jurisdiction, is the notarial act for Deeds, Contracts and Agreements. Jurat is not common to be used in these types of deeds services. Why? But first let us first distinguish what is the difference between the two notarial acts.

A jurat is an act where the signer of a document appears before a notary public, produces the document, and swears to the accuracy of its contents. A Power of Attorney in California is an illustration of a document that makes use of jurat. While the other type swears to the veracity of the document’s contents; in a notarial acknowledgement, it admits that they are the ones who actually executed the document as their free and voluntary act and deed.

Instead of a jurat, a notarial acknowledgement is necessary for deeds, contracts, and agreements since acknowledgment is the act of the person who executed the deed attesting that the deed is his own. As a provider of legal document services in California, we can conform that an act was acknowledged in front of a qualified court official by the signatory. Jurat is not necessary since, during a jurat, the individual presenting before the notary public swears to the veracity of the document’s contents.

These types of instruments require notarial acknowledgment since the person who executed the deed attested that he signed the paper of his own free choice. The notary public can verify the veracity, legitimacy, and authenticity of the signatory’s signature, thanks to the signatory’s acknowledgment. Most crucially, the execution of the deed, contract, and acknowledgment are guaranteed because the signature was willing and acted on his own free will.

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