Fight Your Right for Child Support


It can be hard to raise children on your own. But if living together becomes unhealthy for everyone and separation is inevitable, maybe that is the best decision the parents can make.

However, this event may become traumatic and painful for your kids. They may feel left alone, as the parent with the child custody works hard to provide for the family, and the other parent is gone from sight.

But when they have a chance to get child support from their non-custodial parent, never hesitate to file it. It is a right your kids are entitled to and something that is doable. We can help you through our legal document services in California!

Our laws protect children’s welfare. And so they should get what they deserve, especially their needs. And through that child support, it can be possible. And hopefully, you will find more time to spend with them as they grow.

We know it can be extra hard when you consider yourself a low-income earner. You may feel helpless and powerless. But do not fear getting legal services in Upland, California. The whole process may seem toilsome, but you have us to help you prepare documents from start to finish.

You might have taken Divorce and legal separation services before, trust that you can face another battle once more. Let Lyd The Worker Bee be your partner in achieving benefits for your little ones. You will never be alone. 

And should you need anything else, like a Power of Attorney in California, you may call us. We will be glad to assist you.

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