When Restraining Orders Are Violated


The law can protect us from those who threaten our safety and well-being. In cases of domestic violence, the abused individual can immediately file for a restraining order to protect themselves, their dependents, and other family members from the harm of the abuser.

Restraining orders are powerful court-issued orders that can deter any acts of further violence. However, there are extreme situations when the abuser has chosen to violate the order. When the abuser has broken this, the victim can ask the police or the court to enforce the order. The situation can be frightening, but the victim should remember the law protects them.

The victim should be able to collect relevant evidence of the violation for the police to review. Security cameras, phone recordings, eyewitnesses, and other evidence can build a case against the abuser. The abuser can get arrested. Some situations may result in a misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction and punishment. State laws vary; in some locations, these violations can be brought to the civil court.

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