Change of Name Under California Law

Change of Name Under California Law

Are you planning to change your name legally? Our paralegal services in Upland, California can help you with the process. Although it is not difficult for an adult to legally change his or her name in California, there are different steps and requirements you must first comply with. There are four ways to change your name in California:

Petition for a Change of Name
The first thing you have to do is to complete the necessary forms and then file your petition in court. You will then get a court date between 6 and 12 weeks away. You must appear in the hearings when required by the court.

  • Gender and Name Change.
    You can legally change your gender with or without a change of name. Still, pertinent forms must be filled out first before filing them in court. The decree of the court changing your gender can then be used to have your birth certificate reflect your changed gender.
  • Divorce.
    If you have a pending divorce case, you may move for a change of name before the court hearing the case. This results in having your name reverted to your maiden name.
  • Getting Married.
    You can easily change your name by contacting your local DMV office and the social security office. You may only be required to show your marriage license to change your name.

In all the aforementioned instances, having your forms and documents reviewed by a professional will make the process quicker and easier to follow. You can either consult a lawyer or our legal document services in California.

To know more about legally changing your name in California, contact Lyd The Worker Bee! We also make other legal documents like a general or special power of attorney.

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