Understanding Parental Power of Attorney

Understanding Parental Power of Attorney

While either parent can have custody of a child or children in California, a Power of Attorney (POA) can be used to designate a person or set a legal guardian of a child or children.

A POA is a legal document that gives someone the authority to act on behalf of another person, if and only if, certain conditions are met, and limitations put in place. In fact, through legal document services in California, POA can be used in different ways including child custody.

This will allow parents to temporarily give custodial and guardian rights to another adult whom they trust, for a period of six months. With the POA, this gives them the jurisdiction to act and decide on behalf of the children.

Paralegal services in Upland, California can help facilitate a POA for a Minor Child if the parents agree to let another adult take care of the said child, given that they will protect the child and will not be a danger to the child. A signed POA will enable the designated adult to:

  • Be the legal guardian and have physical custody of the child
  • Make a legal decision about the child’s education
  • Provide medical care and health insurance
  • Decide on child’s welfare if parents are unavailable

Unless stated otherwise, the parents of the minor child will be able to cancel the POA at any time they wish even if there is a validity period of the POA.

If you want to know more about how POAs are used and further legal assistance, contact Lyd The Worker Bee or set up an appointment with us so we can help you with your legal concerns.

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