The Differences Between a Will and a Trust


Both wills and trusts are legal arrangements that aim to transfer one’s estate to an heir however, there are many differences between the two. In which cases will you need a will? When will you need a trust? Which of the two applies to your situation?

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A will is a legal document that allows you to control what happens with your personal property. It spells out how your affairs are managed and how you direct the distribution of your assets after you die. It can also include specific instructions, especially for matters that require critical decisions after your death. One of the most important benefits of a will is that it can save your heirs significant hassle and may even prevent feuding among them.

On the other hand, trusts are legal arrangements that provide for the transfer of assets from you, the owner, to a trustee. Unlike wills which take effect after death, trusts can become effective even if you are still living as long as you start to transfer the assets to your trustee. Trusts allow for flexibility, may provide tax benefits, and even help during illness or disability.

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