Differentiating Divorce and Legal Separation


Whatever the circumstances that brought you into considering another route in your marital union, you need to understand the legal implications of your actions. When you choose to part ways with your partner, it’s advisable to consult a provider of legal services in Upland, California first.

Legal separation and divorce are two options on the plate. These two may have some similarities but are ultimately different from each other.

A divorce legally ends the marriage. Legal separation maintains the rights and duties of the married couple; however, they are living apart.

Legal separation is like putting the marriage on pause mode, but this is a more formal approach compared to the ‘just moving apart scenario.’ Partners should settle on property arrangements, child custody, and other obligations.

Many situations make legal separation the more suitable option— in cases where the couple is not 100% certain to dissolve their marriage or where religious beliefs prevent other actions.

Divorce dissolves the marriage by requiring a court decision to do so. Both partners should agree about dividing properties and preparing plans with their children, if any.

The divorce alternative is especially preferred if one or both partners are looking forward to pursuing marriage with others and for those who cannot see any financial or tax benefits in staying with the marriage.

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